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In the quiet Left-Lands, whispers a stenographic wind. Above the stars that twinkle bright, where dreams take flight at night, lies a code encrypted tight, awaiting those who seek the light.

A hidden key, a truth bereft, in the canvas deftly cleft. Amidst the lines and colors blend, a message to amend! The plight of creatures left to fend, against a world that does not bend.

Decrypt the door, unveil the plight, reveal the truth in sight! For in the left, the answers right, to end the endless fight.

To cherish life in every form, to weather every storm. To find the peace in nature's norm, and let compassion warm.

Now heed the call, embrace the quest, for in the left, we rest, In the sanctuary of the blefted, where animals face west.

And in the right, the answers lie; to let their spirits fly, and in the end, to unify, beneath the boundless sky. 🕊️

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🐆 AFL supported several conservation causes by using innovative positive non-violet campaigns to raise funds.
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