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World Animal Protection

We have partnered with World Animal Protection to help save animals and 10% of all our proceeds will be donated to support them.

All Photos by World Animal Protection.

Save Pangolins!

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April 2019

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WTF is a Pangolin?!

Photo by World Animal Protection

Pangolins have earned the reputation as one of the most illegally trafficked mammals.
There are eight species of pangolins, four in Asia and four in Africa.
While there is lots of coverage of the scale of the illegal pangolin trade, our footage reveals just how cruel and painful the practice is for these gentle animals.

If we want to protect pangolins from pain and suffering in the countries they come from,
we need to tackle the illegal poaching trade.”
World Animal Protection

Why have we decided to partner with World Animal Protection?

World Animal Protection has an activistic and community-based approach which reflects my own artistic point of view. So many animals are in need of our help and we have reached a point of no return. The survival of many different species is at imminent risk, and the livestock industry is the most inhuman approach to date. I believe awareness is the main tool for supporting animals in our social media era, and activism through the community is the other half of our journey. As an artist, to collaborate with nonprofits is to combine these approaches in order to create a wider, stronger impact.
I have worked closely with Angela on this collaboration and was lucky to find that we share similar views about the current state of endangered animals.

Q&A with Angela Kung

Corporate & Events Manager at World Animal Protection

Why pangolins are endangered and what is World Animal Protection doing to conserve and support them?

Unfortunately, pangolins are cruelly poached for the use of their scales in Traditional Asian Medicine, particularly in China and Vietnam. Though the scales have no proven medicinal value, they are still being taken out of the wild at an alarming rate (estimated 1 million+ just between 2000-2013), which leads to a high risk of extinction.In order to bring attention to this atrocity and the amount of suffering these animals face, World Animal Protection published an investigative report on how brutally pangolins are captured, tortured and illegally traded.
Our news story

Read our full report here

How can people support pangolins and your cause?

The easiest form of support is not purchasing any products that were produced with Pangolins. Another simple task is reading our report and sharing with your friends- the more people who know about these horrible practices means more people that can speak up against it. We also always appreciate any type of donation to support our work to help animals, pangolins included, further.

How long have you been a part of the organization and what made you choose to join the World Animals Protection?

I joined World Animal Protection US in August 2018 after working 4 years in digital advertising. I wanted to join an organization where I believed in the cause and could give back to society. Since I love animals and have from an early age, the role at World Animal Protection seemed perfect for me.

Have you collaborated with artists in the past and could you share your feelings about the experience?

In the US office, we have yet to fully establish a collaboration with an artist until now. Working with Idan has been great as he brings a creative touch to the animal rights cause. His simplistic yet moving artwork shows people that all animals are cute and deserve to be treated fairly.In the future, we will be collaborating with Ejaz Khan to highlight our campaign work through his wildlife photography so the partnership with Animals Facing Left has given us a great taste of working with an artist. 



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