Animals facing left

We have proudly partnered with World Animal Protection, on our new campaign Animals Facing Extinction.

This campaign was inspired by our deepest concern for a growing, worldwide phenomenon, in which amazing animals cease to exist.
Each month this year, we will unveil a new design that will highlight the plight of a different animal.

10% of all our proceeds will be donated to World Animal Protection, and together we hope to spark a change towards animal extinction.

Save the Tigers

May 2019

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Tigers needs our love.

Tigers are wild creatures that belong in the wild rather than in a circus, entertainment show, zoo, selfie attraction or anything else that exploits these beautiful creatures.

World Animal Protection

Q&A with Angela Kung

Corporate & Events Manager at World Animal Protection

What is the main reason tigers are now endangered?

Unfortunately, humans are the main reason whether it’s through poaching, ruining their natural habitats and separating family groups, which affects mating and future population growth. 

What is the real cost of tiger selfies?

Most tourists who pay for and take photos with wildlife, including tigers, love animals but may not know the cruelty they are supporting. When venues and attractions offer tiger selfies, the staff often drug the animals and keep them in chains to make them docile enough for humans to have contact. Those venues usually don’t offer the proper care for animals once tourists have paid for their photos and leave, ultimately supporting these sites to continue to exist.

Tigers in the show business and wildlife tourism industry is a torture. Could you explain why?

Tigers are wild creatures that belong in the wild rather than in a circus, entertainment show, zoo, selfie attraction or anything else that exploits these beautiful creatures. If wild animals, including tigers, cannot experience their natural habitat and behaviors in its daily existence, it is torture for them.

What can we do to support tigers and make a positive change for them?

Don’t take selfies with them, don’t buy tiger products (i.e. traditional medicine or skins), don’t own one as a pet and always speak up if anyone in your network is engaging in these kinds of animal cruelty. Educate them and hold them accountable so everyone can protect animals.

What has been the reactions and impressions about our partnership amongst your crew and events so far?

We currently display the Pangolin merchandise in our office and everyone who has passed by has LOVED it, including our staff, international colleagues, major donors, and other guests. They think it’s such a unique way to educate consumers and a great way to fundraise. Everyone is looking forward to seeing future collections :)

Photos by World Animal Protection.

Why have we decided to partner with World Animal Protection?

World Animal Protection has an activistic and community-based approach which reflects my own artistic point of view.

So many animals are in need of our help and we have reached a point of no return. The survival of many different species is at imminent risk, and the livestock industry is the most inhuman approach to date.

I believe awareness is the main tool for supporting animals in our social media era, and activism through the community is the other half of our journey. As an artist, to collaborate with nonprofits is to combine these approaches in order to create a wider, stronger impact.
I have worked closely with Angela on this collaboration and was lucky to find that we share similar views about the current state of endangered animals.



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